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MetaForm is Weird Juice Software's ground breaking surface modeling and animation plug-in for Poser 4 Pro Pack and Poser 5 users.

Seamless integration, simple controls and powerful tools provide Poser users with amazing and endless new possibilities.

"MetaForm adds a vast array of modeling and animation functions to Poser"
- 3D World

MetaForm's modeling technology creates dynamic three-dimensional surfaces around a wide variety of primitives such as points (metaballs), planes, cubes, spheres and cylinders. Create organic shapes, figures vehicles, props, architecture and terrain. Surfaces can even be formed around Poser props and figures allowing a wide variety of amazing melting and merging effects.

The dynamic nature of the surface creation technology far exceeds the limits of Poser's fixed vertex morphing techniques. The user can create incredible organic machinery or morph a cube into a toaster, then a rubber duck, then a bunch of grapes.

"...thanks to MetaForm, Poser gains a whole new set of construction tools"
- 3D World

Additionally, the inclusion of MetaFlow technology allows users to create torrents, waterfalls, fountains, explosions and columns of smoke and fire. MetaFlow allows the full simulation of these effects across an entire range of animation, from their emission, deflections off surfaces and destruction. Even standard Poser props and figures can be used as emitters and deflectors for the metaballs.

The surfaces created by MetaForm and MetaFlow can consist of multiple layers, each separately mapped, allowing the simulation of volumetric material effects. Additional wave and noise parameters allow further detail and effects to be added.

Flexible surface mapping options allow a wide variety of automatic UV mapping schemes from top-down to spherical projections, or UV mapping driven entirely by the parameters of the underlying MetaForm and MetaFlow objects. Poser 4/Pro Pack users get the first real opportunity to utilise advanced material techniques, while the technology can be used to further enhance Poser 5 user's existing material mapping options.


MetaForm is available to purchase exclusively at DAZ 3D.

MetaForm plug-in and Poser interface


MetaForm 1.1 was reviewed in 3D World magazine (issue 61). It scored favourably:

Range of Features : 8
Value For Money : 10

3D World Magazine


Demo videos

All of the following videos are from our gallery section.

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Demonstrates field UV mapping contributions (used to create the coloration) , MetaFlow particle emissions from emitters and Poser figures, MetaFlow particle deflections by Poser figures and props, waves, field noise and field emission from Poser figures.

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'Fire Drake'
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Demonstrates particle emissions from mesh (DAZ Millennium Dragon LE) figure.

Dragon flames use the Simple Flame surface preset. The dragon's breath uses the Combustion surface preset. The cloud background is a multilayer surface with turbulence.

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Several particle emitters are used with the Combustion surface preset to generate the volcanic fire. The fireballs are created with animated emitters. The landscape was also generated by metaform and exported/imported as a static mesh.

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Get MetaForm

MetaForm is available to purchase exclusively at DAZ 3D


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