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You can use MetaForm to model new content for use within your Poser scenes. Props are created from a MetaForm Surface. When you have finished modeling the prop, it can be “baked” using MetaForm's Spawn Prop button.


To create a prop using a MetaForm Surface, enable Surfacing and click the Spawn Prop button in the Surfaces panel. Ensure Save External Geometry and Auto-Center are checked and name the prop. Click OK and save the geometry.

Saving the geometry to an external file helps keep the size of Poser files down, as the geometry is external to the Poser file. This reduction in file size is even more apparent when multiple instances of the prop are used (compared to using internal geometry).

Spawn Prop button

Once the external geometry is saved, the prop is spawned in the scene. The prop spawns in the same place as the Surface. You may wish to move the prop slightly to make selecting and saving it easier.

The spawned fountain prop, moved slightly

This prop can then be grouped, morphed or boned just like any other mesh.


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