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This tutorial is an online version of the MetaFlow quickstart found in the MetaForm user guide.

Ideally, you should have completed the MetaForm quickstart, in which the fountain prop is created and turned it into a prop, before continuing onto this. You can however download the fountain prop here.


Open the Poser file containing the fountain prop or load it from the Prop Library into a new scene.

You should see the fountain prop in the center of your Poser scene.

The baked fountain prop
In the MetaFlow panel, click on the ‘Directional’ emitter icon.

By default, it points upwards. To align it inside the fountain’s bowl, set the yTran to 0.370.

Directional emitter

Go to Poser’s Material room and edit the Default Surface’s Layer0 material.

Change the Diffuse_Color to a light blue,
Highlight_Size to 0.2,
Transparency to 1,
Transparency_Edge to 0.2 and
Transparency_Falloff to 1.

(Feel free to change these values or use a Poser material to get a better looking water material!)

Material parameters
Poser Pro Pack Users:

For a similar material to those above, please use the following settings:

Object Color – a light blue Trans. Min. – 20%
Highlight Color – white Trans. Max. – 80%
Highlight Size – 96% Trans. Falloff – 2.00
Pro Pack material settings

Back to the Pose room.

Click either of the Surfacing buttons. The ‘Simulate’ dialog pops up – click OK.

We have a gush of water of sorts. In the default settings, the emissions are too large and too few. We’ll change this in a moment.

Particle emissions

First, add some water in the fountain bowl. Do this by inserting a ‘Disc’ prop from the MetaForm menu.

It’s too big for our purposes, so set the Scale to 8% and raise the disc to the bowl by setting yTran to 0.370.

Disc added as water in bowl

Let’s now alter the emissions to get smaller particles. Select the Emitter prop and in the parameters, set:

Part. Velocity to 1.4,
Part. Size to 0.025 and
Part. Size Var to 0.015.

Enable Surfacing to view the changed particles. You might want to create a movie using Poser’s ‘Animation->Make Movie…’  function to see it in action.

Parameters tweaked for better-looking emissions

You’ll notice that some of the falling particles pass through the fountain prop as they drop.

We can set the fountain to deflect particles by selecting the prop and clicking on the Object Properties button in the Current Object panel.

Particle deflections enabled with 'Props/Figure' dialog

In the Prop/Figure dialog, check the External Deflections checkbox and click OK.

As there is only one Surface in the scene, the Associated Surface defaults to the sole Surface. Props and figures can interact with multiple Surfaces. Please see the MetaForm user guide for more details.

Particle deflections enabled with 'Props/Figure' dialog

All we need to do now is add more water.

In the Emitter’s parameters, change the Part. Rate from its default 30 to 100 (or higher if you wish).

Enable Surfacing and create a movie to see your fountain.

Pro Pack users:

Please use MetaForm’s Render Image Sequence button instead.

Particle rate increased


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